[pacman-dev] Frugalware changes merged.

VMiklos vmiklos at frugalware.org
Thu Oct 19 17:17:14 EDT 2006


first, thanks for your fast reply :)

On Thu, Oct 19, 2006 at 10:22:27AM -0500, Aaron Griffin <aaronmgriffin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bindings are here:
> http://cvs.archlinux.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/bindings/?cvsroot=Pacman
> What do you mean?

vmiklos at vmobile:~/scm/cvs/pacman-lib$ cvs update
cvs update: Updating .
cvs update: Updating doc
cvs update: Updating etc
cvs update: Updating lib
cvs update: Updating lib/libalpm
cvs update: Updating lib/libalpm/po
cvs update: Updating lib/libftp
cvs update: Updating pactest
cvs update: Updating scripts
cvs update: Updating src
cvs update: Updating src/pacman
cvs update: Updating src/pacman/po
cvs update: Updating src/util
vmiklos at vmobile:~/scm/cvs/pacman-lib$ ls
AUTHORS        autogen.sh*    configure.ac  CVS/  etc/  Makefile.am pactest/  scripts/  TODO
autoclean.sh*  ChangeLog.bak  COPYING       doc/  lib/  NEWS README    src/      TODO.autoconf


> > 3) po4a support as been added to doc/Makefile.am, but the translations
> > in /doc/po/ are missing
> Not sure what you mean - the only translations I have from the patch
> are hungarian.

vmiklos at vmobile:~/scm/cvs/pacman-lib$ ls doc/po
/usr/bin/ls: doc/po: No such file or directory
vmiklos at vmobile:~/darcs/pacman$ ls doc/po
hu.po  hu.po~  pacman.pot

> > 4) you left several NoUpgrade files in pacman.conf while that directive
> > should not be used by default (it is something for users)
> According to CVS, NoUpgrade was never removed. This is the latest:
> http://cvs.archlinux.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/etc/Attic/pacman.conf?rev=HEAD&search=None&hideattic=1&cvsroot=Pacman&only_with_tag=HEAD&content-type=text/vnd.viewcvs-markup

yes, but those files should be marked as backup in the relevant packages
instead of simply specifying them as noupgrade. i mean, since the
following change:

2006-01-22 03:30  judd

        * lib/libalpm/add.c: changed behaviour with
          original=X,current=Y,new=Z backup scenario -- install new file as
          .pacnew and keep old one in place

there is no good reason to list config files both in backup() and in
the noupgrade list. noupgrade is for users to mark files which are not
in the packages' backup()

> > 6) you've added a new callback parameter to alpm_db_register() which is
> > totally useless imho. the callback is called with the treename (which is
> > a parameter, too) and the database pointer, which is returned. so what's
> > the point of it?
> The point is that I changed this function to return the existing DB in
> an attempt to reregister, in place of returning null.  It seems stupid
> to let this fail:
> [current]
> Server = a
> [current]
> Server = b
> Every config file parser I've seen for sectioned configs ([section
> name]) parses this as if they were all one section.  As such, the
> change requires the callback because only db_register knows when the
> database is new or old.  It's a rather trivial change, and not
> "totally useless", as it allows for more valid config file handling.

hm. but still, now alpm_db_update() requires a second parameter that
will be always NULL in all frontends. what about adding an
_alpm_db_update() function with the callback so that alpm_db_update()
could be still called without specifying a callback?

> > 8) i think you've reverted judd's following change:
> > 2006-07-04 19:48 judd
> >
> > * lib/libalpm/deps.c: bugfix: when looking at provides, defer to
> > the new, to-be-installed package's provisios instead of the the
> > existing package's
> Ah crap... didn't notice that one, I assumed your patches took this
> into account.  I will fix this later, as it's a shade more complicated
> than editing a few lines.

i just did a new diff to merge your changes and noticed that the diff
would revert judd's change in our tree :)

> > 10) i think you forgot to cvs add the /pactest/tests/ directory
> They show up for me:
> http://cvs.archlinux.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/pactest/tests/?search=None&hideattic=1&cvsroot=Pacman&only_with_tag=HEAD

vmiklos at vmobile:~/scm/cvs/pacman-lib$ ls pactest/
COPYING  ChangeLog  TODO         pmdb.py*   pmfile.py*  pmrule.py* util.py*
CVS/     README     pactest.py*  pmenv.py*  pmpkg.py*   pmtest.py*

hmm. maybe this is a cvs bug - or God knows, this is the 3rd missing
directory after cvs update

udv / greetings,

Developer of Frugalware Linux, to make things frugal - http://frugalware.org

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