[pacman-dev] Time for changes

Christian Hamar krics at gds.hu
Fri Sep 29 02:27:55 EDT 2006

2006. 09. 28, csütörtök keltezéssel 12.09-kor Judd Vinet ezt írta:
> On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 01:48:28PM -0500, Aaron Griffin wrote:
> > Ok, I think it's about time I picked up pacman developement, seeing as
> > we really have no one else doing it.  I've been busy, so I was really
> > hoping someone else would volunteer, but what the hell.
> I'll get your back when I can, Aaron.  I've merged most of the
> libarchive stuff in, but it's not committed yet.  For some reason, the
> static linking fails.  Dynamic one works fine.  I tested this with FW's
> pacman and I had the same error, so it's likely something on my system,
> not in the pacman build setup.

Nice to hear this :) I like libarchive patch and i hope you can deal
with it. Once that done, you can apply many patches that depends on
libarchive patchset. Like the progressbar, package-counter, etc.

Huhm any error about this? :) Maybe some autotools* braindead problem
and maybe i can solve it :)

An idea for this. BE sure that libarchive NOT compiled with ACL support.
libarchive does only checks and if ACL available in system then it pulls
it into itself and links with -lacl . pacman's autotools* now cant
handle this, because there is no way to discover that libarchive was
compiled with ACL or not. I talked about the author of libarchive i sent
some patches about ACL disable function, but no reply until this.

So be sure that libarchive not compiled with ACL support. Or if yes,
then rewrite configure.ac part and put a -lacl into CFLAGS.


I noticed when you build with --disable-static (in configure) then it
wants to do pacman.static (libalpm.static not created) as i remember. 

I think this bug still exists. But it just a cosmetics to autotools* :)

Christian Hamar alias krix

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