[pacman-dev] resolvedeps<->resolveconflict discussion

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Tue Aug 14 05:09:05 EDT 2007


Now I'd like to discuss some things I dislike in the current
resolvedeps<->resolveconflict relation (they are not bugs just annoying things):
1. They are too separated from each other:
I mean, we first resolve deps, but this may cause conflict, we resolve it by
removing some (target) packages [we stop here now], but this may cause some
broken deps, we should resolve them (by adding new targets), but this may cause
a conflict again...
Possible (semi)solution: resolvedeps should choose a non-conflicting package
(yes, monster functions are the more effective again ;-)
2. Resolveconflicts may cause orphan install:
If we remove a package from the sync target list, we don't touch its induced
dependencies, so we may install some unneeded dependencies (which we pulled
earlier to the target list during dep resolution).
Possible solution: pmsyncpkg_t-like induced dependency-storing or we could use
something similar to canremove. (On the other hand if it is needed to remove a
dependency (from the target list) to resolve a conflict, we could do a cascade
remove; but it's easier to say that an unresolveable conflict detected.)

Bye, ngaba

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