[pacman-dev] "FATAL: kernel too old" error message during upgrade

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Sun Aug 19 08:32:38 EDT 2007


I think this problem is serious and we should avoid these critical errors (I
also had a glibc error with kernel 2.4 a few years ago).
This error cannot be determined automatically by pacman (local db, depends...);
so some extra packager work is needed. However, as I know there is no way to do
some specific checks now before a package install...
A possible solution: we should check the return value of pre-install script (or
any other "communication channel" can be implemented), which could abort the
install (I imagine an uname test in the script, and a nice question/error
message to the user, and return 1 here).

Bye, ngaba

PS: Or we could implement a new scriptlet type, e.g. extra-depends. (This will
lead to one of my earlier question (see fileconflicts): what to do if we have to
stop the transaction after some packages installed and some other packages are
waiting for install yet. So it is better to define extra-depends (similar to the
normal depends) as a "pre-transaction argument".)

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