[pacman-dev] Future pacman development (3.2/4.0)

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Thu Aug 23 09:23:50 EDT 2007

> Since mplayer-svn provides/conflicts with mplayer, what's the problem with
> just doing :
> pacman -S mplayer-svn
> ?
Hm, you are right. But conlict resolution works for -S only (not for -U). And
fileconflicts cannot be resolved either...: Anyway, for pkglist<->pkglist
fileconflict check+resolution we could use your check_conflict function (just
using does_fileconflict as the "atomic" comparison (parameter)); and for
pkg<->filesystem conflict we could use -Qo to determine the owner of the
conflicting local file and may resolve the conflict by removing the owner.
Bye, ngaba

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