[pacman-dev] Future pacman development (3.2/4.0)

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 05:04:59 EDT 2007

On Sat, Aug 25, 2007 at 12:56:47AM -0400, Travis Willard wrote:
> One area I can see much improvement in is configuration.  I've noticed,
> poking around the code, that parsing the configuration file and
> applying the configuration once parsed is all left up to the
> front-end.  Why is this?  
> Looking at pacman.conf, the single configuration option that's
> front-end-specific would be ILoveCandy.  Everything else - repo
> locations, holdpkg, ignorepkg, noextract, and so on - seem to be
> options that users would want to persist no matter what front-end
> they're using.  If they launch the command-line pacman, or a KDE
> front-end, or a Gnome front-end, the repos, ignored packages, held
> packages, and so on should all be the same - in 99% of the cases, I'd
> be willing to be the user would expect pacman to fetch from the same
> repos no matter which front-end they used, for example.  This means that
> every front-end will be parsing the same configuration files, using
> their own code to do so, and will be re-inventing the wheel many times
> over.

That's .. interesting :)
> Another improvement in the config area would be a better way to specify
> repositories.  This has been brought up before - there's a lot of
> copied info between the files in /etc/pacman.d and it can be annoying
> to need to change 3-4 files if you want to change your mirror.  While
> I'm not sure of how the syntax would look, specifying a base URL for
> the mirror combined with which repos that mirror contains would
> probably be the best bet.
> Anyway, there's my two cents.

Did you have a look at pacman 3.1 ? There is just one file left, but not sure
if it's done the way you wanted :

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