[pacman-dev] [PATCH] alpm_checkdeps clean-up <- some notes

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Sat Dec 1 17:25:45 EST 2007

> 4.
> Hmm, how am I supposed to rebase your unneeded patch now? :)
> Seems like the "causingpkg" is now hidden behind the alpm_list_find +
> satisfycmp function.
Well, then you must compute it...
If we know a dependency that would be broken after -R, we just find a
satisfier in the target list and keep that target.

One note (the same holds for checkconflicts):
Using pmdb_t* in the parameter list is "elegant" but usually only
pkgcache is needed <- I mean checkdeps now.
Sometimes alpm_list_t* pkgcache param would be more efficient:
You must do a "checkdeps loop" in -Ru, because consider the following
"pacman -Ru a b c" where localpkg->a->b->c (-> stands for 'depends on')
First -Ru will detect that you cannot remove a, because that would
break ->a dependency of localpkg, thus it removes a from the target
list. In the next loop it will detect then you cannot remove b
neither ...
But after a target-removal it is enough to pass the old targetlist to
checkdeps instead of the whole localdb, since we know that all
packages of localdb - oldtargetlist won't be broken after newtargetlist


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