[pacman-dev] backup handling ugly mess

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Thu Dec 6 13:03:42 EST 2007

> > >
> > > > 3. If the file is in the old backup array, and stays in the backup
> > > > array BUT is removed from the package (bash), we should probably move
> > > > (or should we copy and leave the original?) the file to pacsave. This
> > > > is a gray area.
> > >
> > > This is a really odd case, but well, I would say just move it to
> pacsave,
> > > because otherwise, it just let a normal file on the filesystem, without
> a
> > > .pac* suffix, not owned by any packages.
> > > So when you install a package that adds this file again, it'll conflict.
> This is not necessarily an odd case.
> Imagine a package, where the config file is born after package install (by a
> graphical utility, or by post_update script...) <- we can confuse pacman
> easily
> here [we _must_ assume (and DEFINE) that the post_install script doesn't
> modify
> backup files, otherwise .pacnew would be useless]
> If the old configfile was modified (we can determine this from the old
> package),
> we can also keep that file or we can remove.

Well, I was totally wrong here. Indeed, this is a pointless case (if I want to
be consistant with my preferred 4. solution)


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