[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Database with index??

JJDaNiMoTh jjdanimoth at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 12:24:06 EST 2007

On Sat, 8 Dec 2007 21:36:54 -0500
Nathan Jones <nathanj at insightbb.com> wrote:

> A few suggestions:
> 1. Make sure to test with packages that contain hyphens, like
>    'gcc-libs'. Your regular expression does not work well with those
>    packages.
Ok; I try to use ' - ' instead of '-', but I opted to use '@' as
separator. I hope that this will be useful when I do search with C code.
> 2. Store the actual byte offsets in the index file rather than (or in
>    addition to) the line numbers. It is easier to seek to a position
>    than a line number; see the man page for fseek.
Right. Now it stores also byte offset.
> 3. You call writeIndexEntry() n times (n = # of pkgs), and each call
>    reads in the entire huge database file. Change it so that it is only
>    read once. Once you do this, you should find that the tot_lines being
>    passed to the script is unnecessary. Pseudocode:

Patch attached.. but it is based on previously patch. Do you like a
patch based directly on master? If yes tell me, I rebuild :D

> I am interested in seeing what the performance differences would be
> between this, the current backend, and a tar backend (FS#8586), so keep
> it up and good luck.

JJDaNiMoTh - ArchLinux Trusted User
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