[pacman-dev] x86-64 builds?

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Sun Feb 11 19:29:19 EST 2007

> I know we have been making a lot of changes recently, and I don't know
> if anyone on the 64-bit side has built and tested pacman3 in a while.
> Anyone on this list using 64-bit?
> -Dan

I'm reading here but don't have much time for playing with it these
days. Tell me when the true testing begins so I can switch over using
it for daily pkg building.

Two small questions: 

1) Do you recommend or is it required to mark the arch with "" around
as Jan is adding it always - arch=("i686") or simply arch=(i686)?

2) Will we get an option to makepkg.conf to set the desired compression
gz/bz2 (+ compression level?). I still think it would make sense to use
bzip though it eats more cpu time.


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