[pacman-dev] Latest RC 2007.02.12

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 02:59:19 EST 2007

I changed the version numbering, but this is momentary really.

This is the latest RC fixing all (hopefully) the issues we had before.


Some new "fixes" that I thought I should mention:
* install/upgrade progress bars never actually worked.  They do now.
* display issues and duplications should all be fixed (sorry)
* gensync and updatesync have been changed (gensync3 and updatesync3)
* download progress only displays the package NAME for package
downloads, it looks better this way. Also, names that are too long are
truncated with "..."
* Added --cachedir commandline param, that was never there before
(though --root and --dbpath were)
* Fixed pacman's "deptest" functionality as non-root (for use in makepkg)
* Added a "testpkg" binary that allows you to test the validity of a package.
* Numerous documentation and makepkg fixes, from Dan (I'll let him
explain what is important and what is not).

Currently, we are a bit behind on the schedule I posted a while back.
At least this isn't like a real job where that means working unpaid
overtime, heh.  I'd like to get as much testing done as possible.  By
tomorrow evening, or Tuesday even, I'd like to give a public URL to
the normal users who aren't part of this list (lets face it, not many

So, please do whatever testing you can.

Bugcatcher is here:


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