[pacman-dev] (Most likely) final RC before going to testing

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 03:37:16 EST 2007

This RC fixes the way conflicts and backups are handled.  It should
work correctly and more efficiently.  In addition, backups are
proactive.  That is, adding backup=() to a package does not require a
full release cycle to take effect.

In addition, this RC passes all pactest tests (it seems I forgot
pactest existed, heh).

All major bugs should be closed, and everything should work correctly.

The bug catcher is here:

The only remain items are rebuilding the developer tools and official
repo scripts to use the new tools.  In all honesty, that should be
quick, and isn't required until we go live.

So, test this out.  Let me know if there's any issues:

For those who don't know, this package installs side-by-side with the
current pacman.  All commands, configs, and man pages are renamed with
'3' appended (pacman3, makepkg3, /etc/pacman3.conf).  When this goes
to testing, this will NOT be the case.


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