[pacman-dev] pacman-optimize updates

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 11:26:54 EST 2007

On 12/31/06, James Rosten <seinfeld90 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok, after testing it, some changes needed to be made and so they were
> made.  Now it works (at least for me it worked).
> This is just an idea, but wouldn't it be interesting if we used the
> stat_busy, stat_done, and stat_fail stuff from /etc/rc.d/functions for
> the messages in pacman-optimize?

I like this, using tar.  However, I would prefer if this actually went
with this approach all the time, so that we could just get rid of the
"mounted" check altogether.
That is, instead of "if mounted, do this, else do this" we could,
fairly easilly, just use the tarball approach to satisfy both
conditions.  Do you think you could modify the patch like that? If
not, I could do it.

Thanks alot for your work!

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