[pacman-dev] pacman packaging

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 21:58:46 EST 2007

This was just another thought of mine. Pacman is currently distributed
as one package on Archlinux (and I would assume on any distribution
that is using it). I was thinking it should maybe be two packages,
pacman and pacman-utils, or something similar. The two things can be
split fairly cleanly- the first is used for installing packages and
general maintenence, while the other is used for building packages,
looking at the ABS tree, building a custom repo, etc. This also seems
more important with a few other scripts being added recently
(re-pacman, repo-add)

pacman (and conf/man files), pacman.static, vercmp, rankmirrors, pacman-optimize

abs (and conf files), makepkg (and conf file), makeworld (TODO still
wondering if this is used), gensync, resync, repo-add (TODO should
this be renamed to addsync?), re-pacman

In addition, pacman-utils could then pull in scripts such as srcpac
and namcap that are likely installed by most developers anyway.

This isn't so much development related, but I thought this was the
best list to bring this up.


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