[pacman-dev] proposition: alpm_list type

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 16:37:06 EST 2007

Currently the "alpm_list" type is considered fairly "private", hiding
(through the use of the _ prefix) a handful of useful routines.

I suggest this interface be exposed in full.  This will allow us to
remove the 'list' type from pacman's source and just reuse alpm_list.

Somewhere in the design docs it says "ALPM shouldn't force the use of
a given list type". It doesn't, and still won't.  Functions which
return an alpm_list now still need the accessors to get at the list,
and still must be copied into a custom list type.  In fact, alpm
_requires_ a custom list.

Does anyone have any issues with this?

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