[pacman-dev] Codingstyle

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 12:54:23 EST 2007

On 1/19/07, Johannes Weiner <hannes at saeurebad.de> wrote:
> The problem I'm concerned about is the general style of
> writing code in the library. There are some inconsistencies
> I found and I would like to discuss them with you.

For the issues you have listed, you are welcome to submit a patch.  I
would recommend reading "submitting-patches" in the cvs root
(non-unified patches get a tad hard to read IMO).

I get your points, and they're totally valid, but they're not issues
that make me want to go through the code and fix them all.  That's
just my opinion.

If casting mallocs is an issue for you, please provide a patch which
removes the casting and I will apply it.  The same goes for all the
other stuff.

Not to sound harsh, but generally, in open source, ideas are a
novelty.  Everyone has ideas on what's good and what could be better.
It's the actual work that needs to exist.

I would love it if you contributed these patches.  I will try to do
some of these things as I come across them, but I will probably not
catch all cast-mallocs and things like that, so I'd welcome you to
provide any patches you feel are valid.

> If you agree that a coding standard would be an overall benefit, I will
> help creating one and applying it to the code base.

It has been standardized.  I thought I sent this to the list at one
point, but maybe not.

I should probably update that document a bit too.  Basically the
coding style is judd-style.

- phrak

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