[pacman-dev] FS #6246 - makepkg fails if the extensions is wrong on the archive

James Rosten seinfeld90 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 16:26:09 EST 2007

On 1/22/07, Johannes Weiner <hannes at saeurebad.de> wrote:
> No, this is not readable. What do you have against
>         *.gz|application/x-gzip)
>                 cmd="gunzip -f $file" ;;
>         *.bz2|application/x-bzip2)
>                 cmd="bunzip -f $file" ;;
> There is an error at the *.bz2 detection also, you check twice for
> application/x-gzip where you meant application/x-bzip2.
> Please don't mix up quoting and not-quoting.
> Do we need to check for the file-extension AND the `file' result? I
> think if they mismatch, we should rather trust `file'.
> Thank you very much and please forgive me for being so picky..
> Hannes

Nowhere in that entire patch do I check the file-extension....did you
notice the -'s in front of the lines with file extensions...that means
they are going to be removed.  But thank you for noticing the spelling

~ Jamie / yankees26

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