[pacman-dev] New pacman testing RC

James Rosten seinfeld90 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 23:45:05 EST 2007

> > Also:
> > james->monkeybox : ./test/usr/local/bin/pacman.static -Ss ^kernel26$
> > current/kernel26
> >     The Linux Kernel and modules
> >
> > extra/kernel26beyond 2.6.19.beyond2-1
> >     The Linux Kernel and modules, with the Beyond patchset.
> >
> > Shouldn't that only give me kernel26?
> Yeah, lemme take a peek at that now.

After you left IRC, we realized klapmeutz was correct about the provides thing.
We realized that kernel26beyond said it provides kernel26 in its info, while
kernel26ck, kernel26mm, and kernel26suspend2 do not say they provide kernel26.
More evidence pointing to this is that pacman -Ss ^mpd$ (with smoons repo which
has mpd-svn) shows both mpd and mpd-svn.

~ Jamie / yankees26

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