[pacman-dev] Release Schedule for 3.0

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 14:40:54 EST 2007

Pacman 3.0 Release Schedule

For those of you used to these sorts of schedules, this may seem a big
aggressive, for those of you NOT used to it, it may seem slow.  I
think this is a decent middle ground.  I would not want either testing
cycle to go LESS than one week, but they could go longer.

We should also setup a bug tracker category (temporarily) for pacman
3.0 testing, to get a concise category for bugs and the like.  This
was suggested by Dan.

The following schedule should give us enough time to iron out any and
all issues remaining.  It is not set in stone, but gives us something
to strive for.

* 01-31 to 02-07 (one week):
 RC Testing.  Remaining bug fixes
 This is our current setup where it seems to be
 only devs and people on pacman-dev doing testing

* 02-07 to 02-14 (one week):
 Public testing - NOT in repos yet
 Provide a URL in a news item or forum announcement

* 02-14 / 02-15:
 Release to [testing] repo
 At this point we will also remove the
 "side-by-side" scheme (pacman-rc -> pacman)
 currently used

* 02-15 to 02-22 (one week):
 Public testing
 This is aggressive and will require us to actually
 prod people to test / report things

* 02-22 / 02-23:
 Release to [current]

* 02-23 - 03-01:
 Watch and wait for some time.  There will be
 problems at this point and we should address them

* 03-01 +:
 Begin pacman 3.1 feature additions and other fun

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