[pacman-dev] [patch] makepkg3 -- cleanup dep check functions

Andrew Fyfe andrew at neptune-one.net
Fri Jun 1 12:30:08 EDT 2007

>> - replace the exit calls with a call to a clean up function eg
>> die() {
>>         local EXIT_CODE=$1; shift
>>         if [ $EXIT_CODE -gt 0 ]; then
>>                 error "$@"
>>         fi
>>         if [ RMDEPS && DEPS_INSTALLED ]; then
>>                 remove_deps
>>         fi
>>         ...
>>         exit $EXIT_CODE
>> }
> Probably not a bad idea, although let's get some other opinions. die
> is an awfully harsh name, perhaps just cleanup. :P
But cleanup doesn't sound as eViL as die :p. I prefer something like 
do_exit, cleanup is a little misleading people reading the code need to 
know the script will exit after {die,cleanup,do_exit}.

>> - Remove '--log', Always create a build log.
> Some people may not want logs cluttering their build area, so lets get
> some opinions.
>> - Remove '--nocolor', This depends on the new isatty in initscripts
> I know a lot of scripts use it now, so wait for now.

The last 2 should have had a ? next to them. On second thoughts --log 
should stay. nocolor is dependent on the new isatty going into 
initscripts so it's a long term idea.


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