[pacman-dev] xdelta patches

Dale Ogilvie pnyli0002 at sneakemail.com
Sun Jun 3 06:54:17 EDT 2007


I've made a few alterations to the recently comitted xdelta mods for makepkg & 

Please check these out in my forum post: 

In short, I fixed a couple of bugs, although oldversion detection is still not 
bullet-proof due to difficulties parsing out the package name. The main 
problem is that package names can include hyphens...

My best effort looks like this, the first 0-9 is meant to be the start of the 
pkg version, and the last being the release number:

ls {"$cache_dir","$PKGDEST"}/${pkgname}-[0-9]*-[0-9]*${PKGEXT}

This will fail if there happens to be a sub-package of foo such as:


...or a package that happens to be:




P.S. Sorry for not posting patches, hopefully you can obtain the necessary 
from the forum.

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