[pacman-dev] Polish translation updates for libalpm and pacman

Andrew Fyfe andrew at neptune-one.net
Wed Jun 6 15:59:42 EDT 2007

Dan McGee wrote:
> On 6/6/07, Mateusz Jedrasik <m.jedrasik at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I hereby attach the new pl_PL.po files for both libalpm and pacman.
>> The changes were minor, yet cosmetic enough I believe they deserved to be
>> incorporated.
>> Regards,
>> //m.
>> --
>> Mateusz Jędrasik <m.jedrasik at gmail.com>
>> tel. +48(79)022-9393, +48(51)69-444-90
>> http://imachine.szklo.eu.org
> I can check these in, but a few thoughts first:
> * Are these updates of the git version of pacman, and are they updates
> of newly generated po files? Messages have started to change a bit,
> and we don't update the pot/po files in the repo because it is easy
> enough for the translators to do so. See 'translation-help' in the GIT
> repo for details.
> * It might be better just waiting for us to announce the first beta or
> RC of the next version of pacman before you invest too much time
> updating the translations; things are still likely to change before
> the final versions.
> -Dan
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Yes some work is still required to move src/pacman/po into the main 
source directory so the strings from scripts/* can be included for 


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