[pacman-dev] installing two packages conflicting with each other

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 02:23:13 EDT 2007

Actually, I think conflicts and provides are pretty clear.
Only replaces is more confusing.
>From the man page :
replaces (array) : An  array  of packages that this package should
replace, and can be used to handle renamed/combined packages. For
example, if the 'j2re' package is renamed to 'jre', this directive
allows future upgrades to continue as expected even  though  the
package  has moved.

Renaming package is exactly the case of FS #7415
But should replaces be used together with provides and conflicts ?
Aren't provides and conflicts implicit when a package is renamed ?

Maybe the problem here is that this renaming happens in another repo
(gnome-devel), and so the old package remains in extra.

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