[pacman-dev] [GIT] pacman branch, master now at v3.0.0-254-g78bac81

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 23:53:10 EDT 2007

On 6/28/07, Andrew Fyfe <andrew at neptune-one.net> wrote:
> Roman Kyrylych wrote:
> > committer Andrew Fyfe <andrew at neptune-one.net>
> >  Thu, 28 Jun 2007 12:45:12 +0000 (13:45 +0100)
> >
> > So, Andrew can now commit directly into official git? ;-)
> > Hurray! :-)
> >
> I can?
> The e-mail headers say it came from Dan, not sure how/why git used my
> e-mail address in the from line, maybe it's because it was a single
> patch authored and signed off by me?

Wow, I noticed this when I committed too, didn't think it would draw
the response. :)

Yeah, it is because Andrew was the sole committer (NOT just author).
I'm not sure where GIT normally grabs it from, but if I cherry-pick or
rebase one of the branches, I become the committer, so most of the
emails come from me becasue of that. This time I didn't have to do
that so look what happens.


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