[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Change the exit code for pacman_deptest() and some clean up.

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 04:51:30 EDT 2007

2007/6/29, Andrew Fyfe <andrew at neptune-one.net>:
> As for the rest of the patch, looking at the code I saw this and thought
> it looked a bit out of place, the problem is in alpm_splitdeps() and I
> didn't see anything else that depended on this behaviour of
> alpm_splitdeps(). So I changed alpm_splitdeps() not to modify the string
> passed to it.

Sorry if it wasn't very clear, I wasn't criticizing your patch, but
the code that was there before :)
Nagy also saw this problem in splitdeps and corrected it a while ago,
by adding the strdup() function that you replaced by an equivalent.
(I liked the strdup there though, because it's simpler ;) )
So I don't think it's needed to change splitdeps.

I just find this code in pacman_deptest rather curious, because it
indeed looks out of place. So I think your patch for this function is

Ah one little thing, I wonder if this free(saved_target) that you
already removed
could be replaced by free(dep).

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