[pacman-dev] Translation Status

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 11:57:41 EST 2007

Hey guys,

Since we are getting close to release, I thought I'd let you know the
current status of our translations. I just updated both pot (template)
files this morning and am checking them in as I type, and that also
updated some of the language files with new line numbers as well. Here
is the current status of the translations on both branches (libalpm
and pacman):

de.po: 306 translated messages, 7 fuzzy translations.
fr.po: 179 translated messages, 81 fuzzy translations, 53 untranslated messages.
hu.po: 146 translated messages, 112 fuzzy translations, 55
untranslated messages.
it.po: 313 translated messages.
pt_BR.po: 117 translated messages, 6 fuzzy translations, 190
untranslated messages.
en_GB.po: 313 translated messages.

de.po: 206 translated messages, 1 fuzzy translation.
fr.po: 95 translated messages, 82 fuzzy translations, 30 untranslated messages.
hu.po: 127 translated messages, 74 fuzzy translations, 6 untranslated messages.
it.po: 207 translated messages.
pt_BR.po: 206 translated messages, 1 fuzzy translation.
en_GB.po: 207 translated messages.

The pacman side is obviously more important than libalpm, and we are
doing very good there, so thanks and congratulations for getting
pacman in your own language. Feel free to continue submitting patches
right up until the release date.

Thanks again guys!


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