[pacman-dev] Problems with pacman -Rs (pacman3)

Jeff Bailes thepizzaking at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 03:16:18 EDT 2007

	I was just using pacman 3 (RC 1) and the -Rs option doesn't work as
expected, the dependencies are not removed from the system, even though
the pacman database believes they have.
For example:
	I type 'pacman -S aalib' to install aalib
	Pacman informs me that both gpm-1.20.1-6 and aalib-1.4rc5-4 are to be
	I press enter to continue with the installation.
	I then type 'pacman -Rs aalib' to remove it and its dependency (gpm)
	Pacman informs me that both aalib and gpm are to be uninstalled
	I press enter to confirm and all I get is the following:
(1/2) removing aalib
[#####################] 100%
jeff at jeff:~$

	It does not mention removing gpm at all, apart from in the 'Targets'

	This has removed aalib from the system and the database, but has not
removed gpm from the system, only the database.
	To prove this I try to install gpm and it complains that all the files
already exist in the filesystem and fails with errors.

To remove the files I have to force-install, then remove each package
manually, which is rather tedious when you do this for a package with
many dependencies.


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