[pacman-dev] Problems with pacman -Rs (pacman3)

Nagy Gabor ngaba at petra.hos.u-szeged.hu
Mon Mar 12 03:36:26 EDT 2007

> 	I was just using pacman 3 (RC 1) and the -Rs option doesn't
> work as expected, the dependencies are not removed from the system,
> even though the pacman database believes they have.
> For example:
> 	I type 'pacman -S aalib' to install aalib
> 	Pacman informs me that both gpm-1.20.1-6 and aalib-1.4rc5-4
> are to be installed
> 	I press enter to continue with the installation.
> 	I then type 'pacman -Rs aalib' to remove it and its
> dependency (gpm) Pacman informs me that both aalib and gpm are to be
> uninstalled I press enter to confirm and all I get is the following:
> (1/2) removing aalib
> [#####################] 100%
> jeff at jeff:~$

It's interesting, it seems to work for me. One note: this should remove
gpm if no other packages requires it.
I think an error occurs during removing aalib, instead of being an -Rs
bug, since (1/2) is displayed; and as you described, aalib still exists
on the system. (On my machine pacman -S aalib and pacman -R aalib works
without any problem anyway.)

Bye, NG.

PS: I'm using the latest CVS version, please test with it

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