[pacman-dev] pacman 3 RC1 bug roundup

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 04:04:32 EDT 2007

This is just a note to everyone who reported issues with the pacman 3
RC.  I believe Dan and I have killed everything reported, but, well, I
get quite a bit of email so may have missed something.

If you did not see your bug reported as "fixed" by Dan or myself,
please reply and let us know, as we'd like to push out RC2
today/tomorrow (Monday) and we want to make sure we got it all.

For future reference, the easiest way to make sure we cover all these
bases is by adding a bug report at bugs.archlinux.org (Category:

Special thanks go out to all the testers!  You guys make a huge difference.

- phrak

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