[pacman-dev] CVS update of pacman-lib/src/pacman (pacman.c)

Dan McGee dan at archlinux.org
Sun Mar 18 19:21:57 EDT 2007

    Date: Sunday, March 18, 2007 @ 19:21:57
  Author: dan
    Path: /home/cvs-pacman/pacman-lib/src/pacman

Modified: pacman.c (1.105 -> 1.106)

James Rosten <seinfeld90 at gmail.com>

* Add missing help line for --sync --list.

 pacman.c |    1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

Index: pacman-lib/src/pacman/pacman.c
diff -u pacman-lib/src/pacman/pacman.c:1.105 pacman-lib/src/pacman/pacman.c:1.106
--- pacman-lib/src/pacman/pacman.c:1.105	Wed Mar  7 15:29:28 2007
+++ pacman-lib/src/pacman/pacman.c	Sun Mar 18 19:21:57 2007
@@ -142,6 +142,7 @@
 			printf(_("  -f, --force          force install, overwrite conflicting files\n"));
 			printf(_("  -g, --groups         view all members of a package group\n"));
 			printf(_("  -i, --info           view package information\n"));
+			printf(_("  -l. --list <repo>    view a list of packages in a repo\n"));
 			printf(_("  -p, --print-uris     print out URIs for given packages and their dependencies\n"));
 			printf(_("  -s, --search         search remote repositories for matching strings\n"));
 			printf(_("  -u, --sysupgrade     upgrade all packages that are out of date\n"));

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