[pacman-dev] pacman test-o-rama

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 19:05:57 EDT 2007

Hey all,
We'd like to move pacman 3 to [testing] Real Soon (TM).  But I just
want to make sure we cover all the bases.

I'm going to invite everyone interested to IRC for a big ol'
test-fest.  Feel free to join #archlinux-pacman on freenode (it's an
open channel, feel free to join whenever you want).

I'd like to run through everything tonight and tomorrow, so we can
push this on Wed or so.  So if you have something you feel is
critical, please join up and let myself (phrakture) or dan (toofishes)
know and we can get to working on it.

Thanks in advance,

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