[pacman-dev] Package/repo priority

Nagy Gabor ngaba at petra.hos.u-szeged.hu
Thu Mar 29 07:00:34 EDT 2007


AFAIK, if a 'foo' package exists in more than one repo (both in extra
and testing for example), then the repo which the package will be
installed from is undefined (probably the first repo in pacman.conf).
That would be nice, if we somehow could choose our source repo for
'foo'. I don't know how can this be implemented easily, but some
suggestions: 'pacman -S repo/foo' or an option to change repo-priority
(which is probably defined by their order in pacman.conf) or pacman
could ask the user which package is going to be installed (however,
this can be annoying). 
You may say that I shouldn't use 2 "intersecting" repos, but similar
problem occurs in case of (multiple) provided packages, where "ask"
seems to be the only usable solution.
Anyway, using multiple repos can be useful (but not so efficient now):
For example I'm using current, extra and community repos; yes,
sometimes there are some buggy packages in current, it these cases that
would be comfortable, if I can easily override my default current repo
to 0.7.1 for example and downgrading my package or trying a newer one
from testing.

Bye, Nagy Gabor

One more addition to the last example: Some mirrors keep older versions
of packages, for example see
ftp://ftp.estpak.ee/pub/archlinux/current/os/i686/, and it would be
handy if there would be an other db to these repos (which would contain
all older versions of packages), and here comes to picture the multiple
packages problem again. For example in these cases the latest version
should be the default target and user could override this.

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