[pacman-dev] some notes for -h and getopt

Nagy Gabor ngaba at petra.hos.u-szeged.hu
Sat Mar 31 08:11:44 EDT 2007

Some things I noticed after my previous buggy patch:
1. After -h there are [package], <package> and <file> in many places,
however [packages], <packages> and <files> would be better in most
cases, so you should check and correct these.
2. I misled you by suggesting "-s <regex>" to -h. This very
informative; however to be more precise, [package] (which should be
[packages], see 1.; or [packages|regexes], huh ?:-) {which is in the
first line (after -Sh or -Qh)} is treated as regex and this should be
somehow described in the description of -s. Sorry for misleading :-(
3. Only "op" parameters are mutual now. Of course in many cases the
"sub" parameters of the "op" parameters are not mutual; but after
"pacman -Qls foo" not defined what will happen. I don't really care
about this (I don't really like getopt either; and users are expected
to use switches after thinking .-), I just warn you, that this command
line is accepted now: "pacman -y foo -l -Q -s foo2" and not defined
what will happen (<-Note: -y is not allowed after -Q, but accepted
because allowed after -S)
Bye, Nagy Gabor

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