[pacman-dev] makepkg: "no" options

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Fri May 11 09:31:31 EDT 2007

On Fri, 11 May 2007 15:21:52 +0200, Georg Grabler wrote
> Hello,
> I've seen today building a package that the "noemptydirs" option will
> be dropped off makepkg for using !emptydirs within the next version 
> of makepkg.
> Well, i've made use quite a lot of this, so when will be the next
> version? I'd need about a weekend for all the packages using it, do i
> have a weekend for this?

Not a direct answer to your question, since I'm not entirely sure when "the
next" makepkg is planned, but have you tried:

find -name PKGBUILD -exec grep "noemptydirs" {} \;

in whatever root directory you store your PKGBUILDs off?  If all that shows is
the options= lines, then you should be able to fix all your packages in one
swipe with something like:

find -name PKGBUILD -exec sed -i "s/noemptydirs/\!emptydirs/g" {} \;


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