[pacman-dev] problems using pacman within chroot

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sun May 13 12:14:21 EDT 2007


after updating to pacman3 I cannot instal anything within a chroot 
environment. I allways get:

	error: could not prepare transaction
	error: failed to commit transaction (not enough space on disk)

Wel, there is enough space on the disk, but pacman is not able to get the free 
space. I have the following devices mounted:

	mount --bind /dev /chroot/arch$1/dev
	mount --bind /dev/pts /chroot/arch$1/dev/pts
	mount --bind /dev/shm /chroot/arch$1/dev/shm
	mount -t proc none /chroot/arch$1/proc
	mount -t sysfs none /chroot/arch$1/sys

Any ideas? pacman2 was working without any problems.


Pierre Schmitz

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53115 Bonn

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