[pacman-dev] [patch] Please use alpm_depcmp! (part 1)

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Mon May 14 02:23:48 EDT 2007

On 4/10/07, Nagy Gabor <ngaba at petra.hos.u-szeged.hu> wrote:
> Hi!
> To be continued... ;-)
> -----------------------
> diff -Naur pacman-lib/lib/libalpm/package.c pacman-lib.new/lib/libalpm/package.c
> --- pacman-lib/lib/libalpm/package.c    2007-03-12 05:47:58.000000000 +0100
> +++ pacman-lib.new/lib/libalpm/package.c        2007-04-10 23:33:57.000000000 +0200

Hey Nagy,

Cleaning out the email inbox, so we'll start at the earliest emails I have.

Can you explain exactly what this patch does before I commit it? I
made the changes locally on my GIT tree and it seems to work without
problems (at least in pactest's eyes). However, I want to know WHY it
works, and why we should change it. In addition, this makes a good
commit message.



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