[pacman-dev] Script to validate ABS/PKGBUILDs

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Mon Nov 5 02:45:20 EST 2007

For the record, I've fixed the 'PKGBUILD not found in dir' errors. It was 
caused by old patches/files that haven't been untagged in cvs.

I've also removed a few duplicate from the community repo with the 
exeption of junit (the package in extra needs to be at an older version) 
and the perl modules which could possibly be removed from extra in the 
current repo cleanup.

On Sun, 4 Nov 2007, Scott Horowitz wrote:

> After reading Xavier's email[1] that mentioned the possibility of an
> external script to check for circular dependencies, I set out to do
> just that. Along the way, I found a number of other issues in the ABS
> tree and decided to report those out as well.
> The script is written in python because dicts make it all so much
> easier. It takes a little over a minute to run on my 1.5ghz machine.
>> From the script itself:
> #  This script currently checks for a number of issues in your ABS
> #  tree:
> #    1. Directories with missing PKGBUILDS
> #    2. Duplicate PKGBUILDs
> #    3. Referenced dependencies (and make-dependencies) that cannot
> #       be found. This correctly takes into account any 'provides'.
> #    4. Circular dependencies
> #
> # Todo:
> #    1. Account for versioned deps, e.g., foo=1.2.3
> #    2. Accommodate testing repo?
> Hopefully people find it useful. I'm open to suggestions and improvements.
> -------------

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