[pacman-dev] documenting the base-devel split

R. Dale Thomas rdt at knoppmyth.net
Thu Nov 8 19:20:26 EST 2007

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> On Nov 8, 2007 5:27 PM, R. Dale Thomas <rdt at knoppmyth.net> wrote:
>> Makepkg is not a generic package and its man page would not be
>> included in generic man-pages on other distro's
> That's actually false. As Dan said, ArchLinux users are not the only
> ones using makepkg.

	I understood that, yes.

> Even if this weren't the case - makepkg is INTENDED to be used
> elsewhere. makepkg and pacman are brothers. It's hard to use pacman
> without makepkg and hard to use makepkg with pacman.

	And this too.

Sorry, guys, I certainly was _not_ trying to be difficult, here.  I
must have gotten totally confused about the train of thought on this
topic.  I concede all points to Dan & Aaron.

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