[pacman-dev] do we need requiredby?

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Tue Nov 13 07:27:14 EST 2007

> I'm regretting Nagy didn't point this out earlier then.
> I don't know why I never thought about this. Now that it's said, and I'm
> looking back at all the issues related to requiredby, it makes a lot of
> sense.
> It would also eliminate the eventual problems caused by an existing broken
> database, with wrong requiredby.
Well, I'm quoting Aaron here
"The more and more ideas that are pumped out to this list, the more
confused we get, and the harder it is to keep up. It's like.... if I
throw a baseball at you, you might catch it, but if I throw 50, you
won't catch them all."
And he has right now. I've got plenty of plans in my mind, indeed; I didn't
point this out earlier, because:
1. Main reason: I always prefer bugfixes over "improvements" (see also: 2.). And
well, in my priority list this is not so important at all:
-give a look at libalpm/sync.c (simply horrible)
-we have some critical bugs now (symlink puzzle), and some other notable failing
pactests too, buggy reason handling etc.
-my main "mission" here is to reach the universal transaction ;-)
2. Now the requiredby stuff is expected to work fine (I can bet that Travis's
problem is not a bug now).
3. Throwing requiredby to trash-bin is also throwing our hard work to release
2., too
4. To be honest, I simply thought that you won't like it
5. I have some pending submitted patches here (I don't want to throw 50
baseballs... ;-)

> But I'm not the project manager, and pacman 3.1 indeed has to be released
> one
> day :)
Well, sometimes I have the feeling that we should release pacman more often. I
said earlier that pacman-git is more stable than devel repo. And indeed, I
simply use pacman-git at home, fortunately without bigger problems. Sometimes I
get disappointed about the fact, that Arch users have to wait so much for the
next release:
Pacman 3.0.6 fails 29 (vs. 8) pactest files from 3.1 (remove046.py lead to an
infinite loop...)

Bye, ngaba

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