[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Add ShowOldVersion Option

Justin Lampley jrlampley at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 23:57:49 EST 2007

First of all, I just wanted to thank all of you for your hard work on 
pacman, I think it is one of the best package management tools out there. 

I have been following the list for a bit with the intent of starting to 
help out with the development of pacman (Or at least to try to help out 
anyway) so I figured I might as well dive in with a feature that I have 
had in mind for a while.

This patch adds the option of allowing the old package version that is 
being updated from to be displayed.  It takes advantage of the data 
element in the sync package struct which is populated with the currently 
installed version of the package. 

This feature can be beneficial in many ways, but mostly it is a good 
indicator (at least for me) of whether I should check out the change log 
of the program.  With minor version increases, it is most likely minor 
updates or bug fixes, but if it is a major version increase, many things 
might have been changed that are worth checking up on before going 
through with the install.

The following is some output with the ShowOldVersion option enabled as 
well as the ShowSize option
$ sudo src/pacman/pacman.static -Qu
Checking for package upgrades...
warning: xpdf: forcing upgrade to version 3.02_pl2-1

Remove: lib32-gcc 

Total Removed Size:   0.00 MB

Targets: lib32-gcc-libs-4.2.2-2 [New] [1.05 MB]  
audacious-player-1.4.0-1 [1.3.2-4] [1.07 MB] 
         audacious-plugins-1.4.0-2 [1.3.5-5.1] [1.68 MB]  
eclipse-pydev-1.3.10-1 [1.3.9-1] [3.39 MB] 
         fakeroot-1.8.4-1 [1.7.1-3] [0.06 MB]  glibc-2.7-6 [2.7-4] 
[10.78 MB]  glproto-1.4.9-1 [1.4.8-1] [0.02 MB] 
         hal-info-0.20071030-1 [0.20071011-1] [0.03 MB]  
imagemagick- [] [2.30 MB] 
         lib32-glibc-2.7-5 [2.6.1-2] [3.64 MB]  libarchive-2.4.0-1 
[2.2.6-2] [0.32 MB] 
         libgphoto2-2.4.0-2 [2.3.1-3] [1.36 MB]  libmcs-0.6.0-1 
[0.4.1-2] [0.02 MB] 
         libsamplerate-0.1.2-4 [0.1.2-3] [0.20 MB]  lincity-ng-1.1.2-1 
[1.1.1-1] [29.16 MB] 
         lm_sensors-2.10.5-2 [2.10.5-1] [0.32 MB]  tcl-8.4.16-2 
[8.4.16-1] [1.63 MB]  tk-8.4.16-2 [8.4.16-1] [1.40 MB] 
         ttf-dejavu-2.21-1 [2.20-1] [3.79 MB]  xf86-video-ati-6.7.195-3 
[6.7.195-1] [3.67 MB] 
         xorg-server-1.4-5 [1.4-4] [7.25 MB]  xpdf-3.02_pl2-1 
[3.02_pl1-1] [0.49 MB] 

Total Download Size:    73.64 MB
Total Installed Size:   91.08 MB

Let me know what you think.

Justin Lampley
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