[pacman-dev] Valgrind updated, blog article plug

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 02:09:24 EST 2007

I rebuilt valgrind tonight against glibc 2.7, so you may see improved
performance using this tool with your pacman debugging and
memleak-finding expeditions.

I'm mainly letting you all know this because Xavier asked me to write
up something on how I use valgrind with pacman. I threw up a short
little article on my blog (http://toofishes.net/blog/) to help people
get started, the actual article is here:

If you guys have any questions in the future about how I do stuff,
whether its coding, algorithms, tools I use, etc. *please* feel free
to ask and I will try to answer, either privately or publicly.


P.S. I'm already number 5 on Google (OK, I had to cheat a bit with the
search terms). :)

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