[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Add new -Sq / --needed option.

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Sat Nov 24 08:55:24 EST 2007

> This patch is the result of the constatation than, during one pacman
> operation, the "local version is up to date. Upgrade anyway?" questions are
> usually all answered either by yes or by no.
> Yes when you want to reinstall all the targets.
> No when you only want to install the missing ones (either because you are
> installing a group, or because you are copying a pacman -S line from wiki or
> whatever).
> So instead of asking this question for every targets, it'll now be
> configured with a flag.
> Yes will be the default -S behavior, No will be achieved with the --needed
> flag.
> Signed-off-by: Chantry Xavier <shiningxc at gmail.com>

Wow, you are really active now. Great, I like this feature.

Now I will be an asshole (please don't kill me;-):
1. Personally I would have kept the current behaviour (ask for user, he may
answer mixed answers), and add an option for both "answer-yes" and "answer-no".
Because usually when I get this question (copy-paste from wiki ;-), my reaction
is ctrl-c (<=> I want to do answer-no)...
2. This will be a contra for my -Ru patch too:
This should be handled in front-end's callback.c imho (to keep libalpm as
flexible as possible), and that should answer the question automatically. This
is similar to ask, but new command-line options for each question-type is much
clearer imho.
3. I go further: Even remove_cascade and remove_unneeded should be done in
front-end. This could be an "interactive" remove-dependency-error resolving:
"Removal of foo would break the bar dependency of baz."
"Do you want to keep foo?" [REMOVE_UNNEDED answers yes, default answer no], if
the answer was no:
"Do you want to also remove baz?" [REMOVE_CASCADE answers yes, default: no]...
if the answer was no: depcheck error
What's more, this can be handy in case of resolvedeps, this would help pacman
(== user) choose a proper satisfier.
"To-be-installed foo has an unsatisfied dependency bar. Baz satisfies bar. Do
you want to install baz?" [default answer: yes; optional: no <- no dependency
resolve, BUT exit with error; optional: prompt to user <- user can find his
favourite dependency]....

Well, this mail may be a bit chaotic (random new ideas in my mind), sry.


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