[pacman-dev] -Qu vs -Su

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Wed Oct 3 07:19:16 EDT 2007

> I personally think -Su and -Qu (and their libalpm counterparts) should
> return the same list of packages to be installed, whether or not they
> are upgrades or pulled in deps. What is the disadvantage to this? -Qu
> was meant to be an alternative to canceling an -Su just because you
> wanted to see what needs upgrading.
> -Dan
Why do we need an alternative to cancelling -Su? ;-)
As Xavier noted, -Su needs some user interaction, so -Qu cannot figure out what
user would answer to pacman's questions (however, it can assume some default
answers). Personally, I like the "outdated packages" meaning, so I would prefer
that -Qu would act as a localdb/targetlist filter, like -Qt, -Qd, -Qe (so we
don't need installed size information etc., but user can also use other
command-line switches).
Bye, ngaba

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