[pacman-dev] pacman development

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Mon Oct 15 14:10:43 EDT 2007

> I'm beginning to think that pacman was probably already a too complex
> project
> to start with, I always have to ask about how things should be done, and I'm
> very rarely able to come up with a patch I'm happy with.
> So I'm progressively losing the little motivation I had in the beginning.
> I also find it sad that pacman gets so little attention / is so short of
> manpower.
Please don't loose your motivation ;-)
Yes, there are problems around pacman development; but as I said, sometimes Dan
(or Aaron) is the bottleneck. As I see, you pay enough attention to pacman, this
was a big motivation to me.
If you decide to leave the project, probably I will do so. So I suggest the main
devels to start to rethink the development philosophy (see also: pacman-g2 fork)
<- I believe that you have few freetime, then find trusted/talented/enthusiastic
new guys or start a real devel-branch (as I see, pacman-git is stable, only
"trivial" things are committed) or dunno.
Conclusion: I'm sure that pacman would get much more attention, but somehow the
enthusiastic guys are bundled out. And then you can say that pacman is a dying
project <- that is easy: the more attention the less freetime.
Bye, ngaba

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