[pacman-dev] scritplet output logging removed?

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 18 11:50:09 EDT 2007

On Thu, 18 Oct 2007 10:36:37 -0500, Aaron Griffin wrote
> What about putting it in the local DB entry for each package?
> /var/lib/pacman/local/screen/install.log ?


While that associates it nicely with its related package, I don't really
like the idea of users needing to traipse through their local DB to get the
logs - what if at some point in the future we decide to change DB formats, say
from filesystem to database, for example?

IMO /var/log is the place for logs like this.  If you want to separate it by
package, then /var/log/pacman/{pkgname}/install.log could work, or some
variant thereof, or we could just jam it all into one file and have
delineations, like

--------- Installed libfoo, 01/01/1901 ------------
==> Warning: Libfoo needs libbar to support foobar functionality.
==> pacman -S libbar to get it.
--------- Installed kernel26, /01/01/1901 ----------
==> Generating mkinitcpio crap...
==> Done.

And so on.


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