[pacman-dev] fglrx-utils preferred over libgl-dri

Alexander Baldeck kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Fri Oct 19 10:28:22 EDT 2007

Mateusz Jedrasik wrote:
> Thursday 27 of September 2007 19:02:48 napisałeś(-łaś):
>> your previous e-mail
> Ofcourse, I meant Alexander's e-mail.

A provides - as far as I understand - is equal in priority to a pkgname 
in the local-db of pacman. Thus, your concern about provides loosing its 
meaning is not based on the reality it seems.

Let me explain how I build packages:

For each and every package that I build, I have a script that installs a 
base system and drops me into it. What it does is basicly a:

   $ pacman -S base -r /home/arch/buildroot.$??

Then installs a few additional packages in base-devel like gcc, 
bindmounts kernel provides folders and chroots me in there.

Now, I want to update xf86-video-ati. When I do

  $ makepkg -csr

it'll prefer fglrx-utils as libgl cos libgl is only a provides that is 
paid an average priority and thus, fglrx-utils is alphabeticly before 

I renamed libgl-dri to just libgl. fglrx-utils and nvidia-utils still 
provide libgl but now must be explicitly installed. Then it's all back 
to the way it used to work. Pacman will just ignore the real libgl 
package on upgrades.

So I ask myself where the problem is? :)



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