[pacman-dev] bsd port?

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 17:28:42 EDT 2007

On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 04:03:34PM -0500, Aaron Griffin wrote:
> The above applies here as well, BUT, I wanted to know where this was
> being discussed. If pacman was ported to BSD, I've never seen, nor
> heard of, patches for it. This would be valuable information for us.
> Not only would it save us work, but Dan is doing this _right now_.

I just read the above on arch-dev-public.

A while ago, someone came on IRC while no one was around to report the
status of getting pacman running on freebsd :

"got pacman to compile on libfetch and libdownload that are in FreeBSD 6.2
1. cut out with that damn bashism and linux non-posix crap
2. check the makefiles, they're full of bugs
but all this du -cb and cp -a crap...
and then the "source" syntax instead of "."
and there's also chown root.root, which should be root:root, or even better 0:0"

I just noted it because I thought it could be interesting, but I don't know
anything about this stuff. And I thought no one else cared.
But if Dan is interested in doing this, I just thought he should know about
the last 3 lines of this report.
If that doesn't help at all, sorry, just ignore this mail :)

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