[pacman-dev] Conflicts handling

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Mon Oct 29 06:12:39 EDT 2007

> In my opinion, pacman could always fail with these target-target conflicts.
> This kind of conlicts is very rare (it doesn't make any sense to install two
> conflicting targets).
> However it can happen in an odd situation (see bug 7415), where a group is
> splitted across several repos.
> But pacman's behavior in this case is very odd anyway..
> So I think it wouldn't be worse if pacman just failed, and so it would be
> left to the user to fix it manually, by removing the conflicting package
> from
> the targets, for example using --ignore.
> So this would give both a more coherent behavior, and cleaner code.

I must mention -Su here. If user has two "similar-functionality" packages, and
the outdated ones didn't conflict and the upgraded ones will conflict, pacman
-Su will induce a target<->target conflict. But just simply removing one of the
packages from the target list usually won't help; but IIRC (that was months ago
;-) my patch first resolves target<->target conflicts, _then_
(new!)targetlist<->localdb conflicts, so removing would help here.

I also like the "don't-do-anything" solution, because it is the easiest; and
won't prevent me from killing pmsyncpkg_t:-P. But I still prefer "let user choose".

Bye, ngaba

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