[pacman-dev] some limitations of the current front-end, new -D option

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Tue Sep 11 10:44:16 EDT 2007


We discussed here that an option to change the install-reason of an installed
package would be nice:
So what about a new -D (like database) operation: set of commands to modify
localdb (for experts only;-)?
We could add a --reason (or --explicit and --dependency) option to this
operation. For example: pacman -De xorg. (-D can be combined with Xavier's
testdb to rebuild requiredby field etc. etc.)
Here we can see some limitation of the current ("getopt") front-end (user should
have to do -Qi, -D..., -Qi here): it's powerful for simple -A, -U, -S, -R
commands, but an interactive (not necessarily graphical) front-end would be more
comfortable for group operations, universal transactions (define operations per
package), -D ...

Bye, ngaba

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