[pacman-dev] Sg and Rg options

Xilon xilonmu at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 06:03:09 EDT 2007

Another possibility I thought of was simply keeping "pacman -S" for
groups, but with the ability to explicitly "pacman -S group/gnome".
That way there won't be a problem if a package conflicts with a group.
On the other hand this is very odd behaviour, since it is not
semantically correct and it appears that the group is a repository.

I don't think there's really an ideal solution to the problem (if
there even is one, as wizzomafizzo pointed out). Adding the -g option
might be unnecessary, and installing groups isn't a very regular
activity. So far I don't think anyone has complained about the
functionality of pacman -S, apart from this one instance where xorg
was conflicting. And even so, the xorg group is in testing.

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